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A little about me, and why I write:  

As a writer, a blogger, someone who loves quotes, and finds inspiration in just about anything creative, this is a huge opportunity for me. An opportunity to be able to share with all my readers on this particular site that there is a spoon for everything. Life is like tea, some like it bland, but there are those special ones out there that like it sweet, with a spoonful of sugar, with a touch of cream. 

Writing in my life is like that sugar cube. It plunks down into my boring 'tea' life and gives it flavor, gives it life, gives it the ability to taste well. 


A poem by Lily Troutman

As I sip my tea, I think. 

I think about the warmness of the cup in my hands, 

the warmness of the steam under my nose,

the sweetness of the drink on the tip of my tongue. 

I close my eyes and imagine,

Imagine my life as this single cup.

Imagine how I sometimes make other people's life sweeter, or perhaps... bitter. 

I wonder if there are more people like me

who see the world like a teabag

who wonder what other flavor they could be. 


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